Precision Viticulture and Sustainable Farming

The philosophy at Madrone Estate is to produce exceptional small lot wines with richness and intensity that express their place of origin. Consisting of over 60 acres, with 40 planted to grape vines, the Estate includes 7 blocks of Old Vine Zinfandel between 75-100 years old, as well as Sangiovese, Barbera, Chardonnay and Petite Sirah planted in the late-1990s. The property’s old vines are established, naturally balanced, self-regulating, and almost entirely dry-farmed.

Deficit irrigation increases concentration and the vine’s unique expression of place in the wines, as well as preserving limited water resources. Vines are only irrigated as needed during key periods of growth: bud break, flowering and veraison, when color and sugars develop in the grapes. Well-drained soils and slope help naturally control vigor and quality with minimal intervention.

Both the vineyard and winery are certified under the California Sustainable Winegrowing Program and make every effort to reduce their impact on the environment and natural resources.