Estate-Driven, Small Lot Wines

Proprietor Tony Stewart created a small lot winery within the historic barrel cellar to exclusively produce Madrone Estate and Stewart Family Reserve wines.

After hand-picking at night, the fruit is brought directly to the winery while cool to protect aromatics and the essence of fruit character. The grapes are cluster sorted and passed through a Pellenc destemmer, which gently removes the berries from their stems and can adjust the percentage of berries crushed, providing the winemaker control over tannin extraction.Small lot tanks allow for blocks, or even parts of blocks, to be harvested at optimal ripeness and fermented separately. A bottling line at the Estate allows winemaking to bottle when the wines are ready, not on a schedule determined by market demand or availability.


Kat Doescher, Winemaker

Kat graduated with a chemistry degree from California’s Humboldt State University in 1999. Her wine journey began as a wine analyst at Gallo Winery’s Sonoma facility. In 2006, Kat joined Lake Sonoma and Valley of the Moon wineries as Enologist, working under former Head Winemaker, Greg Winter. Kat was promoted to Assistant Winemaker in 2013 where she leveraged her considerable understanding of the science of fermentation, as well as familiarity with the winery’s grapes over the years to bring out her true art as a winemaker. In 2014, Kat was promoted to Winemaker to lead Madrone Estate and its wines into the future.